Southern Nikonos Service Center, unlike other camera repair companies, services only the Nikonos line of equipment. As scuba divers and underwater photographers ourselves, we recognize the need in the diving community for faster, complete and dependable servicing of your underwater camera.

To meet this goal, Southern Nikonos continues to offer what we consider to be a service that is both unique to the camera repair community as well as the diving community:

  • All equipment will customarily be serviced within three working days (5 days if flooded).
  • Information, replaced parts, and/or photographs will be provided concerning the causes of the damage/breakdown and prevention techniques.
  • All equipment will be pressure tested in water to 160 ft. after replacement of the worn-out o-ring seals.

Nikonos camerasProperly maintained equipment is always the key to a successful (and safe) diving experience. As our slogan indicates, "When It's Time To Service Your Regulator, It's Time To Service Your Nikonos!" With luck, your dive buddy will be using properly maintained scuba equipment, which you may have to depend on sometime. If in doubt as to the condition of the scuba equipment, look at your buddy's camera equipment…. It's condition may tell you something.


collageSouthern Nikonos' Annual Maintenance Program is intended to remove the possibility of accidental water leakage from occurring past worn out o-ring seals by replacing the seals at all movable operation points as well as those seals that are intended to be user serviceable. Additionally, an inspection will be made to determine if previous water damage has occurred, and advice will be given on how to best prevent this from occurring in the future, especially on dive trips.