A Word of Caution to Our Customers

Any equipment we service/repair/sell we consider to be "our own equipment" that we are only loaning to you to use! Because of this philosophy, we want you to know "your problems" in how you have used, taken care of, or abused "our equipment". We return parts, o-rings seals, and harsh comments, if necessary, on do's and don'ts. Also, anyone trying to buy any equipment from us MUST listen first on how to properly use and clean the equipment - otherwise, no sale - even at our prices.

The reason is simple. We make money on service and repair trying to cheat Mother Nature's constant attempt to destroy everything that is put into her ocean. If she is successful, you are out thousands of dollars in equipment and a lousy dive trip, and we are out the few bucks it would otherwise have cost to have prevented most mistakes from happening.

So, when we return "our equipment" to you to use and you see the message "please call us for information", sit down, have a stiff drink and paper and pen available - school is in session!

Information Services

Believe me, it is easier to fix the real Nikonos problems first - what's between your ears - than to fix water damaged equipment after the fact!

So, just call anytime between 10:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. (CST). We are always willing to answer any question that you may have concerning any piece of Nikonos equipment or related accessories. And when you do, remember we are not a "retail" camera store. The only "high pressure sales" you will get is how to better use and maintain your equipment.

Shipping Information

Southern Nikonos will ship all camera equipment by UPS Second Day Air to all areas serviced by UPS and U.S. Mail First Class in areas not serviced by UPS. All shipments will be insured COD unless other arrangements have been made. Unless otherwise specified, equipment will be insured for the following values (plus cost of repairs): Nikonos II, III & IV-A camera bodies $300 each; Nikonos V camera bodies $400, 35mm lens $100 each; 28/80mm lens $300 each; 15mm lens $1,500 each; other accessories will be valued accordingly.

Shipments destined for foreign locations will be insured for the maximum value allowable by U.S. Mail regulations and in U.S. Dollars and will be sent by Air Parcel Post. Payments must be arranged in U.S. Dollars, payable on a U.S. Bank or add $15.00 US to the invoice to cover bank transfer charges and taxes. U.S. Customs declaration will be placed on the outside of each container, stating the value and description of the contents. If your country taxes incoming camera goods, the enclosed invoice will indicate that the equipment is being returned to you having been shipped from your location originally. Also attached to this invoice will be the original shipping papers, customs declaration and any other documentation that came with the equipment showing country of shipping origin.

When shipping your equipment, be sure to include a note with specific repair instruction (i.e., annual maintenance, etc.) and include your address and phone number where you can be reached during the day and evening.

15mm and Nikonos III owners: When shipping, we strongly recommend that you double box these items, regardless of what shipping company you decide to use.

All camera equipment will be returned in the original container it was received providing it is usable. This will help you to control the additional shipping and handling charges to you (typically about $3.00).


A word about all this stuff:

We hope our Warranty makes sense. Lawyers didn't write it - we did. We want to make money, but honestly and fairly. Also, we want you to have a good Southern Nikonos repaired camera, not a pile of ???, well you know, from Southern Nikonos. Since the Nikonos equipment must not only function mechanically and electrically as a camera, but must do so with good o-ring seals underwater, our maintenance and repair must be concerned with both aspects. As such, we must comment on and warranty each aspect separately from the other to assure you understand our services. Additionally, water damaged equipment must require their own comments as well.

So please read the information in this pamphlet. If you have used Southern Nikonos, don't forget to pay attention to the notations specifically about your equipment, which will be either written on the service invoice or on a separate letter or both.

Our Service Policy On Non Water Damaged Equipment

Mechanical/electrical repairs:

Only parts replaced by Southern Nikonos Service Center will be warranted for 90 days from date of repair, including labor, against defects in workmanship. Unfortunately, this usually doesn't cover the cost of shipping, either to or from us, if a problem occurs. If something else breaks or doesn't work the way you think it should within the 90 days, of course, let us know. Chances are that you may have to be charged for these repairs, but we will work with you every way we possibly can.

O-ring seal/annual maintenance service:

O-ring seals replaced by Southern Nikonos Service Center will be those in accordance with the Annual Maintenance Program (described in this pamphlet) or other seal replacement as required. Only equipment with seals replaced by Southern Nikonos will be pressure tested in water before leaving our facility.

So now the problem. There us no way we can clean, grease, and install user-serviceable o-rings for you each dive, that's your job. Nor can we insure that you properly clean off the salt water from the equipment after saltwater use, another one of your chores. So, what we do guarantee is that we really did pressure test equipment and that the equipment left our facility watertight. We also recommend you read the camera instructions before diving. Better yet, give us a call. But, if you have a problem, we will inspect the o-ring seals and pressure test the camera in water. If signs of abuse or misuse are found, the warranty is void. But worse than that, you are out a camera and we are out the bucks for next year's service of your equipment.

Our Policy On Water Damaged Equipment

If repairs can be made to water damaged equipment without part replacement, we will do the best we can since many water damaged parts with some corrosion present may be cleaned and usually work for a long time. Sometimes they may fail before getting back to you by mail. In any event, the o-rings will have to be replaced.

We will use our best judgement during servicing to provide to you a camera that will work again with the least amount of parts replaced.

The parts we replace we guarantee for 90 days, the parts we clean of corrosion we can't guarantee. Remember, we can only work on what is left after water damage. Therefore, a word of caution! After the cleaning of flooded equipment, if you leave the equipment open in a high humidity area, it can possible "wake up" rusting and only cause problems to occur.

In any event, we will work with each customer on a case by case basis to save as much labor cost if additional part replacement really becomes necessary.

Our Policy On Used Equipment We Sell

Our one year warranty is just that. If it really fails to work on its own within one year of purchase, we will repair it or replace it and pay the postage back to you. But, if it fails to work because of misuse, abuse, dead batteries, or poor photographic techniques, we will have to tell you that the problems are all yours.

The Bottom Line of Our Guarantee/Warranty

Well, what is "expressed" is the above. What is "implied" is that we sincerely want you to get the most out of your expensive Nikonos equipment that our service and information can provide. We may find that you may have to have additional o-ring seal replacement (at additional cost) when all you think you need is a mechanical/electrical repair, and visa-versa. But, these decisions are yours. Remember, Nikonos equipment must go "click-click" under water!

Well, like we said, we hope this all makes sense. We are taught to depend on a buddy when diving. We hope you feel the same confidence by having Southern Nikonos service your equipment. By the way, we are divers and photographers, too!