Inventory of Parts

Southern Nikonos maintains a complete inventory of new Nikon Nikonos parts for cameras, lenses and strobes including parts that are now discontinued by Nikon. WE can (and have) built new cameras and lenses just from our inventory. We also have an extensive used part inventory. Used parts will only be used if they meet "new part" reliability standards.

When parts become totally discontinued by Nikon, and our inventory is likewise exhausted, Southern Nikonos will find suitable replacements to keep your equipment operational. Replacement parts, if necessary, will be used only after Southern Nikonos has personally evaluated and tested these parts under actual diving conditions over a reasonable period of time on our own equipment.

Southern Nikonos does not sell parts. We do get and sell accessories as they become available, but this is not our intended goal, nor do we stock a full line of accessories. If you need a part, you probably need servicing also.

Nikonos V schematic

Used Nikonos Cameras for Sale

From time to time, Southern Nikonos has used Nikonos equipment for sale. Before being offered for sale, each item will be thoroughly serviced as required and pressure tested in water so that each can carry our one year warranty. Availability is, of course, limited to what is in stock at any one time. Our prices are not cheap, and neither is the quality of the equipment and the warranty that comes with it. Call for current prices and availability.

Sets of Storage Only O-Rings

At last, they are finally available; easily identifiable "storage only" o-rings specially made of bright orange silicone. Now, at a glance, you will be able to tell between o-rings that have been left in the equipment during storage from those used only for diving (the black ones).

Remember, round BLACK used o-rings look just like round BLACK new o-rings to most people, and the flatter they get the more easily small particles of salt and debris can cause flooding. And, even if you "store" the o-rings in the camera for 6 months, or "dive" the o-rings daily for the same 6 months, they get the same amount of flatness… 6 months worth!

So, why waste the diving life of your "dive only" o-rings during storage in the equipment? Get a set of these easily recognized orange "storage" only o-rings for each piece of your equipment and install them at the end of your week of diving. You too can end that last minute dash to the camera store trying to find sets of new o-rings.

Nikonos II - Converted to Use a III, IV-A & V Flash

For those who are fortunate enough to own a Nikonos II, the "DC-3" of the underwater camera world, your requests (and prayers) have been answered. Southern Nikonos will convert the Nikonos II to the newer style Nikonos III, IV-A, V flash connection. All parts are new Nikonos parts that have been modified to exactly fit the electronic configuration and space requirements of the Nikonos II. You can now bring your entire camera system up to the newer flash connection style and have a completely interchangeable flash system. No longer will you be bothered with the problems often found with the "pull apart" type of flash cables that were necessary to have one strobe fit a Nikonos II and any other of the newer cameras. Now, any strobe designed to DIRECTLY fit a Nikonos V will also DIRECTLY fit the Nikonos II.

If your Nikonos II has broken flash connectors or other problems, don't spend money on repairs; have it converted. As always, the modifications will be completed in the two to three working day schedule.

Rethreading Flash Port Threads

Southern Nikonos is now offering precision machining and rethreading of damaged and worn out flash port threads.

We use an electrodeless nickel plating on a machined brass insert, not aluminum or a casting. The plating material composition is identical to that used in the oil industry to resist chemical corrosion, is "self-lubricating" in terms of resisting metal-to-metal gawling, and is uniformly plated completely. In addition, we have provided almost 100% more threads to better secure your strobe to the camera.

We offer the rethreading of the flash port threads for all Nikonos cameras from the Calypso to the Nikonos V.

All work is scheduled for the last week of each month, so plan your shipment accordingly. Also, please allow 10 working days for completion.

Executive Desk Sets

DesksetManufactured from only the cleanest and lowest quality, totally trashed out and flooded beyond repair Nikonos camera casings. The internal components have been frustratingly ripped out using only the minimum amount of effort required. Then, in an effort to restore life to the dead, the casings have been machined out to accept a magnetic paper clip dispenser, then mounted to a walnut plaque and outfitted with a polished chrome pen and pencil set (the pen uses Cross-type refills).

Fortunately, there is only a limited supply of these human mistakes available. Because of this, these are sold only to those who would rather pay $49.95 than flood their own equipment just to get one.