As stated, Southern Nikonos offers an Annual Maintenance program for your camera and strobe designed to replace o-ring seals at all of the movable operation points as well as the seals that are intended to be user serviceable, but exclude seals present around the glass/plastic windows. Their replacement, when needed, typically requires the replacement of the window because the rubber has fused itself into the unpolished edges of the window and therefore become impossible to clean properly to accept the new seal - and still be watertight! If replacement is necessary it will be performed at an additional cost. Lenses: Fortunately, because of the way lenses are constructed, an "Annual" service is usually not required and, in some cases, not cost effective. Long story, so call for the reasons!

Additionally, the shutter speeds and flash synchronization will be checked, minor adjustments (not requiring parts or significant labor) will be performed, and the camera fully pressure tested - in water - before being returned to the customer.

All servicing will be performed within three to four working days. If additional problems are found that affect the working or watertight requirements of the camera that are, in our opinion, excessive in additional cost for parts or labor, the customer will be contacted by phone for authorization.